Ordered a OnePlus One!

Yesterday, I got tired of waiting for an invite, so I bit the bullet and bought one from eBay, and then bought a Sandstone Black 64GB model. As of right now, it's processing, and possibly will get here before next Wednesday. I'm also purchasing another one with one of the invites I receive for the first phone, as the first one is for a family member. 


Anyone want me to do a review on it whenever I receive mine? I'll be glad to, if I have nothing to do at the time.

*Cough cough* Invite please *cough*

OMG you PAID for an invite? Jeez man :(, I would have given you one of mine. BTW how much did you pay for it? I can't believe people are charging for these lol. I hope you enjoy it. I like mine, but I like my S5 better.

Well uh, I'll take your OnePlus One off your hands...

help a brohan out, man. Dat 4K is calling my name.

Nice, I'm ordering the black 64 one after I pay my rent and car payment this month.


I would order one but I don't have an invite. *cough cough*





Thank you

Seems like a good piece of tech for the price. I'm replacing my iPhones and have decided to move away from Apple now that their build quality has died the death. Looks like I'll need to have a proper look at Oneplus One as an option.

Any chance one of you folks have an invite you'd be willing to part with?


Ummm...... invite......please?


Wy dont you get one form the company that makes the OnePlus One?

I bought one form here http://www.oppomart.com/phones/oneplus-one.html

Shipped to Norway whith in a week.

At least in my case, it's because that version doesn't support the LTE bands I need.