Orange / Yellow Screen of Death!?!?

Orange you glad I didn't say banana.... sorry for that

Hey logan and everyone at tek-syndicate. Love you guys and all the videos, great work.

I have my custom build PC for about +/- 3 yrs. I use it for learning CAD and mostly gaming, crysis, Farcry 4, ect.  It is my first build and never had any trouble with it. (Maybe because I've watch you videos)

Just today I have gotten a Orange/Yellow Screen of Death. I've never heard or seen of such thing. It happened after I was done playing a game for about 10mins. In your life experiences have you guys ever come across this error and what general idea would you think it may be. 

My temps are within reason under load (cpu max 80c, gpu max 42c). 

Heres a quick rundown of my rig:

Asus Maximus V Formula, Intel i7-3770K (o.c. 4.2GHz) (watercooled), Corsiar Vengence 16GB XMP 2400Mhz, (2x) evga gtx 680 classified 4GB DDR5 (watercooled), Corsair AX1200 PSU

Thank you for any help you may have. Knowledge Is Power. Keep making those great videos. Awesome beards, both of you. 

What voltage is your CPU on to hit 80C at 4.2 with watercooling?

80c for CPU? That is probably not good for it, CPU should usually be under 60c. Never got any screen of death other than blue.

EDIT: Wikipedia says

A Yellow Screen of Death occurs when an ASP.NET web application encounters a problem and crashes.

I have had a red screen of death from a gpu crapping itself.