Options, options, options

i'm selecting parts for a new build, but there are two options that i could go for, and i would like to know which option would be better

Option 1: FX-8320, HD 7850 & 430w psu

Option 2: Phenom II X4 965, HD 7870 & 500w psu

otherwise the builds are the same, 970 motherboard, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd

this rig will be for gaming/rendering/modeling.

Why not a 6300 and a 7870 with 500w psu? What's your budget/country ? I might be able to do a build for you.

I agree with the above. I really like the Phenom as a money saving, gaming alternative, but the FX6300 is a little better suited to your needs.

You shouldn't cheap out on your PSU. XFX 550W bronze, if you can afford it. Should be similarly priced to any CX series from Corsair. I assume that is what you are considering?

i could see about getting the 6300 and hd 7870, and yes i was going to be getting corsair builder series psus.