Optimizing my PC for Silence

This is my PC build: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/b/IdN

I use my PC for gaming, but also for my homework and browsing the web. When gaming, sound hardly matters to me, but when I'm watching netflix (with a speaker), typing a paper or browsing the web I just can't stand it. Because my GPU cooler is the worst possible for my Chassis, I had to put in a 200mm Bitfenix spectre pro so that it keeps reasonably cool, and the two loudest fans in my build are the GPU fans and the spectre pro. SO lately, I've been looking at a Kracken G10 setup. I have a budget of $100 Canadian with shipping before tax/rebates, and really can't go much higher. I'd like to know what the cheapest G10 setup is with a 120mm and 140mm closed-loop unit, as I really dont know much about the manufacturers and what's best.

well the GPU I'm not surprised its loud if you grabbed a Reference Cooler R9-290 that thing is like a bloody hair-dryer lol. well if you want ultimate silence on your PC just grab Noctua fans. they are UGLY but man are they quiet and get the job done. however the GPU putting a Kraken G10 GPU Cooler I can't really say how loud those fans are. you could replace the Kraken G10 fans that it comes with Noctua Fans.

Call me weird, but I like the look of the noctua fans. I have 2 NF-F12's and 2 140mm ones in my case and I like how it looks as I like that it looks different from other manufacturers fans. And they are simply amazing quiet and move alot of air.

weirdly enough, the spectre pro sounds a heluva lot louder that my brother's spectre. The bigger fan sounds like a desk fan on a very low setting compared to my 140mm fan sounding like a low white noise. I think it's because of the shit fan control on my mobo. Maybe I should get an internal fan controller (5.25" bay filled)?

Yea noctua fans are simply the best in terms of silence and the way ti operates. 

I never said I have a 290. My problem is not with any fans in my pc, they're damn quiet (with the exception of the 200mm). While I'd love to buy noctua fans, I don't have that much lying around. The closest to a noctua fan I have is a cute little keychain I got from them. My problem really is my GPU fans, and what i'm asking is what is the best closed loop cooler to pair with a kracken G10 with the duo coming in at around 100$

It could be out of balance or not secured tightly causing rattling (my top fan rattles like a mofo because the mesh top is freaking huge). That or it could be causing turbulence.

my bad. when i clicked on the link and it then clicked "system build" it showed my a build i was planning on buying lol