Optimizing linux performance

Are there any good configurations or good setups for r9 280x + linux?
I moved from windows to kubuntu about half year ago, so far I love everything about it, except that games don't run very well. I mainly play dota 2 and I have noticed a huge fall in fps. I don't know the exact issue for what might be causing it, maybe it's the drivers and theres not much I can do about it.
If you have the same setup (linux + 280x) and play games on the machine I'd like you to share your experience and if possible then also configuration.

Are you using the open source drivers or the proprietary one? Try switching them out.

Right now im using proprietary. For some reason with the open source drivers the fans just blasted full speed non stop.
I'll try the opensource ones again once I get home, hopefully there have been some changes.

Switched to opensrouce for a minute. Seems like everything is running faster, but the fans still blasting full speed. Oh and, Opensource drivers don't seem to reqognize my second screen for some reason.


If i remember correctly, power management is a known problem with newer AMD cards and open source drivers. May want to verify that yourself but when I had my 290x I used the Catalyst drivers. To be honest with you though, if it's at all possible, I would trade that in for a comparable Nvidia card. It'll make your gaming life so much easier.

I just want to voice about power issues on AMD: I have a 250X and the fans don't blow full speed all the time. You might want to check the repos and see if they are out of date or not.

Ok, I installed the latest ubuntu gnome and seems like the xorg drivers are working. Seems like the problem was indeed in the outdated drivers. The fans are now automatic (quiet idle) and not full speed when idle.
Also, I'm getting +20-30 fps on the same games now.
Thanks :)