Opteron 180, 3Gb RAM - Backup/Media server options?

Hey guys,

I have an old, creaking Opteron 180 (dual core 2.4ghz) in an Asus A8N-SLI motherboard with 3gb of RAM.

I also have 3 x WD red 3tb drives.

I was thinking of combining the two to make a media server and a backup location. My initial plan was to just pop Ubuntu Server on there, setup a software LinuxRAID 1+0 with the 3 drives and go from there. Does anyone have any recommendations of OS? It's going to function as a backup location for several Windows 10 PCs, as well as a SaMBa (or ZFS?) server for my KODI devices, but I don't really know what setup to choose. I have no idea what options will yield the best performance.

Beyond that I have about £50/$75 I'm willing to throw at the thing. Is it possible to get an SSD to work as a cache and OS drive?

Any suggestions/comments would be much appreciated.

Lucky you, I'm turning a pentium 4 with 512mb of ram into a media server xD

I think if you are going to raid you should go with 5, cause with 10 you'll be giving up half of your storage so you'll only have 4.5 TB, raid 5 you only give up 1 drive so you'll still have 6tb, unless there's some strange thing with raid 10 when you're using 3 drives and it only uses one drive? I don't think I've ever seen anyone use an uneven number with raid 10

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Look into openmediavault for the server. run atleast a raid 5, because like @flamesilver said. you loss out on half your drives. they have to be a even number to work with raid 10.

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Hey both, thanks for the reply and the suggestion for software.

I'm not going to use RAID 5 as it's cpu heavy, slow, takes a huge time to rebuild, and I think it's generally obsolete as companies don't recommend using it nowadays.

However, 3 disk raid 1+0 is entirely possible with Linux md raid, and it's not a hokey config with extra partitions created or anything like that. It's actually the equivalent of RAID1E.

I think it's faster in use than RAID 5 and is much faster to rebuild!

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