Optane - for real this time

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No pricing so far…


i think intel are banking on optane keeping their numbers good. they have had almost no reaction to ryzen besides bad marketing and even worse prices


if the optane rumor about enterprise use is true… then it should be a big thing… when it catches on.

The rumor went something like…
special boot mode will allow you to use optane as system RAM instead of storage.

I’m ok with just storage. Depending on the price optane might finally be something to consider for ZFS machines. (ZIL)

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that would be amazing for newer machines once they get old but i doubt thats coming to the consumer end anytime soon :frowning:

I’d rather use it for memory… If the price for 480GB of optane is more cost effective than say 448-512GB of DDR4 RAM

Is Intel Optane even faster than an SSD?

And whats stopping you from using it as swap/virtual memory right now?

Ive actually considered going with some of those smaller and cheaper SATA DOM’s as swap sticks in the past back when support for them first appeared on motherboards but they were still so slow it wouldn’t make much of a difference probably anyways. And now modern platforms like AM4 aren’t even supporting them from the looks of it. Honestly I’m expecting optane to go the same way. HDD manufacturers just need to start including bigger cache chips on their HDDs thats all.

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The original marketing material when optane was first announced claimed it to be somewhere between RAM & SSD speeds.

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Active memory is handled very differently than swap.
You dont want your system to use swap. Swap is there for when you dont have enough memory. The kernel tries not to use swap unless it has no choice.

Theres a big difference.

This is exactly what I have been trying to find out. If I am running scientific calculations that could use 300+ GB of ram, could I use the new optane 900p 480GB drive for my swap area? If so, would it still retain most of its low latency? I understand that this is slower than system memory, but when system memory is too costly then there is no other option? From what I have read the latency of DDR4~10ns where the latency of Optane~10us, but in real work loads I am curious to what the slow down would be.

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As for latency, I recommend reading this:

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Im itching to get some optane drives… but trying to save money for hopefully buying a new house.

well speed is in

2500mb/s read 2000 write

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Not the point.

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thats pretty damn good

Considering servers can have TB’s of ram SSD speed VS optane is not a really large issue. Perhaps wear leveling comes into platy with massive IO writes.