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Optane and IMDT - How To Make it Go


I recently learned from that the biggest issue with the 4800s is that folks are having trouble setting up IMDT to make some of that sweet sweet NVRAM. Here’s a quick and dirty guide.


  1. Download the IMDT software from :

  2. Gather the license numbers from Intel.

  3. Start the installation using the switches " in -n " ie. sudo ./ in -n

  4. License your drives matching the IMDT serial numbers to the SSD serial numbers.

  5. Provide your email address in order to activate the licenses.

  6. Check your email and download the IMDT license file.

  7. Install the licenses to each drive : ie. sudo ./ in -n IMDT_Licenses-IMDT40128528.txt

  8. Add IMDT to the UEFI bootloader list.

  9. Reboot and verify Optane is being used as memory.


RAM has to be licensed, now?



It does seem odd yeah, but these are a form of NVMe SSD that was marketed as being so fast it.could be used as a step between system RAM and storage to speed things up, much like SSDs were originally used a lot as cache drives rather than storage.

Edit: Just because unexplained abbreviations annoys me, IMDT means Intel Memory Drive Technology.


I knew this existed at one time on intel’s website. but was soon expunged. and I could never find it again.

Nice find.