OPO Explodes. OH NO!

I just bought my one plus. It arrives later today. While looking up this info I ran into an article:


Fairly recently the phone became someones "trouser grenade"

The good of this:

OPO sent out a staff member to personaly meet the individual, and retrieve the phone 

OPO is going to reimburse all costs

OPO uses a "lithium polymer battery, not the more common lithium ion design. The difference is that the LiPo technology uses a solid electrolyte,which should be more difficult to damage via external pressure."

I don't know all the details but am looking to put together more... perhaps the original thread? 

Meh. I wasn't reading careful enough.... they left the original thread in the article.


LiPos are great for high battery capacities and low weight.  However, as with all lithium batteries, they are very volatile and dangerous.  I've got a lot of radio control vehicles/planes/helis and I've had my fair share of puffed lithium polymer batteries.  They're pretty sensitive to heat/cold temperatures as well.

As a final note from my end; this phone is bitchen!

I have been nothing but impressed.

Operating Temperature is cool!

Speed is fast!

My poor nexus 5, I hope you find a new home. LOL. 

all I get is error code 403 from your link

All phones with lithium batteries suffer from this, the last link shows why you shouldn't fuck with phone batteries.




The coolest mishaps with LiPo batteries are from the idiots that vape on mech mods with unsecured batteries until they vent. A small battery in a solid stainless steel container isn't that dangerous, but it will go exothermal, it will ruin the paint job, and it may cause severe burn injury or a burning house. In case no IMR batteries are used, it may also cause hazardous chemical to jet out of the vent holes.

And the dozens of spontaneously combusting Tesla cars are also pretty cool, although those are really dangerous, because those contain a lot of batteries, none of which have safe chemicals, none of which are properly contained in stainless steel vented blast chambers, etc...

LiPo and Li-Ion batteries are always good for spectacular mishaps.