OPNSense vs PFSense

I did a little reading and it sounds like the desire of the fork was to refactor the code base and a disagreement about the licencing model.

At this point are there any compelling reasons to choose one distro over the other?


Speaking for myself, I've been a satisfied pfSense user for +/- 8-9 years. I have an open mind, but until and unless OPNSense distinguishes itself in a compelling manner, I'll stay with the team that has a proven track record.


I agree with @BarkingMad, at least for right now I will be sticking with pfSense since it's served me so well for so long. However looking at the list of proposed features for OPNSense I am intrigued. They propose a lot of improvements for embedded things, included ARM support, which would make building good routers dirt cheap and a lot less power hungry. I also like the idea of less static PHP pages; pfSense's UI did seem a little clunky.

Definitely not dissatisfied with the pfSense team though. They have made an incredible product; it's half the reason I'm so into networking today.