Opinions on Thief

Hey guys, I had this game gifted with my 7970 and I wanted to know what are your thoughts about it.


I don't want to hype it too much in order to avoid a disappointment but even if I see it could be graphically better, the mechanics look good and he gameplay seems solid although it looks a bit different from other Thief games I've played before I hope it will be in favour of a more dinamic and entertaining experience.


So what do you guys think? Will it be a decent succesor to the old Thief games? 

I'm liking the look of it more and more, but the game isn't out yet.  Check back next week.

I was super hyped when I saw how fluid the first person view was. I think its gonna be average, something we will talk about for a bit then vanish of the face of the earth kinda like dishonoured. 

Reskinned dishonored that is all...

Bump! I'll play it this afternoon ASA I get home! 


What if we said Dishonored was a reskinned Thief (1998)?

No Mantle support antil March? 

Emmmm... Ok. Suddenly game has been delayed until Feb 28th for Europe... I'm not liking this so  I have it preloaded but can't play it until the 28th...

Really want to play this and see for myself. Metacrtic reviews are ranging from "BEST GAVE EVAR" to "Good" to "Meh" to "Dog Turd inside of Stale Hotdog Bun."

Looking forward to comparing it to the original games. I feel like I'm gonna be disappointed though 

I haven't played the original games, but I have played an hour so far and it's been alright. Nothing special yet. It seems like the game will not have a lot of replay value though.

Played it for about 5 hour now... must say I like the main story and the gameplay, even if I didn't like some mechanics of the game like the run/climb/doparkour assassins creed-esque button. The rest of it is pretty enjoyable, I still feel like the city has no "life" it's Ok that it is a dying city but there could be some more people at home whenever you get inside to rob something. those are my main critics to it, plus graphics could be much better. but it is Ok 

Graphics 7/10

Gameplay mechanics 7/10

Main story 8/10

Sound effects 10/10

Characters 7/10

Replayability 3/10

Total 7.5/10 


will only be able to play tonight since I'm european and it sucks.... will definately enjoy this game. maybe it'll bring back some old memories