Opinions on possible first build

Alright, I cracked out a build from spam research and it needs critiquing. I'm on a budget around 450 and I'm more partial to the AMD's APUs because I feel like I'll get more bang for my buck without having a graphics card. I'm not into max settings, just looking to play PC content with the possibilities of upgrading later with either more memory, cooling unit, and a graphics card, but for now, I wanna get rid of my 360 and the library of games I'm stuck with. 

Here's the build - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3PSVd

Again, super newbie in this.

For 450 you can get a very good APU build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3PTfa . That APU was demonstrated running BF4 720p medium details at over 30 FPS. The higher speed memory will also help out that APU. This also has the possibility for adding a dedicated GPU along the line if you desire. If you plan on getting a decent GPU then I would advise getting a 500w PSU but if your gonna get something on the lower end like an R7 260 or something then you will be just fine.


Much better than an apu system.

Spending more than 350 on an apu system doesn't make any sense. You get better performance out of the gtx 750 ti than you would any apu on the market. The 760k is basically the a10 6800k without the onboard graphics. This system will allow you to play bf4 at 1080p medium to high settings. You can play any game out now on medium to high settings. The best part about this system is that it doesn't require a whole lot of power.

Actually, scratch the ram I suggested. Keep the gskill ares 8gb. Dual channel is better than single channel and it is 3 dollars cheaper.

I see what you're talking about. I'm starting to get a better understanding about the purpose of APUs and stand alone GPUs. Thanks for the info.

And one more question, should I avoid already built gaming desktops?

Maybe not avoid but it is certainly cheaper to make it your self for example the PC i made i saved a good 800pound making it my self but my build is already 2500 were as the lower ones around the 600pound-800pound are only 50 or so pound more. But that is here in England it might be different over there in America.

I'll keep that in mind. All of this has been an eye opening experience.

Aka_nameless's build is the best you can get for the money. Forget the APU, and don't buy it as placeholder for a future graphics card. Don't cheap out and buy a dual core, at this point in time it would be a mistake. 750k is a perfect budget CPU. I'd suggest you get a r9 270 instead, it's more value for the money.

Other than the twenty dollar increase of the value, what's the difference in the R9 270 and the GTX 750 Ti?