Opinions On Personal Blog About All-Things Technology

Just like the title says, I would like some opinions about my blog. Where do I have to improve it, what are the good points about it and if you would read a blog like it.

Thanks a lot in advance

MY blog; http://tekfandom.blogspot.com/

I had the same question but was too shy to speak up -- didn't want to come across like I was promoting anything (which I'm not).

My blog, only recently started, is more just some random rants about not much:


I like yours, pcdude48, not that I've read too much yet; I like the look.

I suppose content is king as they say, so fill 'er up!

You've inspired me to make another posting.

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Thanks dude, you really boosted up my confidence. I will surely continue to release many more articles! Your blog is also really good and I look forward to seeing new posts from you .

Keep up the good work!