Opinions on PC build...and some questions

Decided my computer was getting a little old/obsolete so am looking into new computer...

The build

Video card:

chose radeon over geforce partially becuase between rendering and gaming ill be leaning a little more on the gaming side so, i decided to rule out the cuda cores that come with nvidia cards.



chose the 4770k to hopefully with rendering to pick up on what i cut out of in video cards by not choosing a nvidia card, also in case i use a rendering program that doesnt have support for use of cuda



fit my needs plus looked like it had plenty of good reviews also the combo with the cpu is nice.



u may have noticed i didnt include one in the list, mostly becuase i have a rosewill 1300w PSU that i got as a gift a year ago, so i thought i would save a few bucks and use it



planning on using the two SSDs in a RAID 0 array as my main storage, the two hybrid drive i would either also have in a RAID 0 array by themselves or use one for games and the other for media storage



was lookin at 16gb at 1600 for 30 bucks less but 800mhz more for only 30 bucks i decided to choose these (probly the biggest part im looking for tips on)


Case: the rosewill thor v2 has all the space i neen, i like the looks, plus room for improvements on it..


Main use of the Computer: Gaming and rendering videos, may also use it with some 3d modeling programs(have been somewat interested in them latety)


im happy to get any tips/opinions/ideas on this build, looks good to me, but i have seen some things slip by me before, when i have been ogling at some other pc parts. and thank you for reading and/or helping...



was wondering how performance would be affected if at all by running two sets of raid off an onboard chip, or if its even possible?

should i stick with the psu or would it be worth it to buy a lower wattage psu that would run more efficiently most likely?


 Some afterthought:

I am now debating about possibly getting a 7970 ghz edition instead of just a standard 7970 (the video card i would probly get instead: Sapphire Vapor-X, difference between the two types: benchmarks)

Depending on the software packages that you use, you don't really need CUDA. Adobe has good support for AMD GPUs now

yeah, and also didnt really see the point in spending between 200-300 dollars more on a 780 for cuda cores that i probly might not make full use of and a slight/modest perfomance games in some games http://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/770?vs=827