Opinions on Krux NAOS

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to start my homelab, with my first home server. This will be mostly a NAS, but I’ll get a beefier CPU in case I want to do something more (most likely a 3600). Because the amount of data to store is actually quite low, I’m planning on a 6x500 all flash data pool.

I recently come upon a case called NAOS, by Krux, which on paper seems perfect. Small, lots of airflow, and most important of all: EIGHT 2.5" slots (or 3x2.5" + 4x3.5", they advertise more, but it requires an ITX motherboard).

Because top, bottom, and side are perforated, cooling should be fine.

What’s with this “no links”? Do I need to be more active here before I can include them?

Ah, trust system. Here’s the link: NAOS : Krux