Opinions On Fedora

Hey everyone it's me again I just wanted to see what you all thought about Fedora.


Used to be my favorite distro for years, now it's not. I will try out fc21 though, which will come out soon.


I cringe every time I need to use Fedora. Thankfully that's not very often.

Google "Igor Ljubuncic" and have a squiz at his Fedora reviews - many linux professionals have had similar experiences using Fedora as that of Ljubuncic, including myself.

Each to their own though, you might like it and it does appeal to the general desktop user.

I used to love Fedora, all until the AMD problems when 20 was released last December, since then I have returned every now and again, but alas no returning fondness of the system, in that time Arch has become my new home, although I do not use it all the time, I prefer its package manager and how pacman is.

If you want a easier experience use Korora, otherwise go ahead with Fedora, its a nice environment for desktops 

The one that works best for what I need it for. For work that's SuSE right now (I moved from RHEL to SLES over Mageia), and I quite like OpenSuSE Factory.

I started on Fedora. Great for development, sucky otherwise... Hence why I use SuSE. Zypper is probably the best package manager available. YaST is great too.

I guess I never saw the benefits of a source based distro like Gentoo and that's why I prefer SuSE over it. Why make things harder on yourself? Sorry for going off topic but...

Occasionally I use Fedora at work and it performs absolutely fine, but never really taken to it's GUI. All my home PCs, apart from the firewall and one with a Turnkey File Server, use Mint with Cinnamon.

Well look at this way, compile the system for your specific hardware and watch what happens :P

This is how chromebooks fly like £1000 machines when web is involved, the system is stripped for just what they need, a web browser, a secure boot, and on fly updating, the system is light and makes them £200 laptops leave Windows PCs into the upper £500s look crap in terms of performance/battery/price.

And thats why you pick Gentoo ;P also the fact you can customise it to a extreme extent with source. 

I've always liked Fedora, but its package management always ended up getting to me eventually. I've been liking openSUSE, Funtoo, and Arch which ive been using the past few years.

Fedora is pretty much the free distro of Redhat. Good for Servers and development. Not good for anything else. All Linux distros have their ups and downs. 

Oh no, RedHat has very good support for development and hardware, there is more to it than just servers. If you run workstations, RedHat can be great too. However, the bulk of the stuff that drove me towards Fedora, is now on SuSE just as great, and I don't have to put up with the RedHat corporate crap.

I would have said CentOS takes the position of "free" version of RHEL. Fedora as far as I would say is the testing ground for Red Hat, its a fast moving and early adopter of new features, fine for desktops, im not sure id use it on servers though. Not that you couldn't.

Hi all

a while ago ive posted thread looking for a cheap laptop to run linux. One of my m8s had one collecting dust. I took it from him for about 80$ and im running fedora on it. I use it mostly for programming for uni. A long time ago i have used fedora 11-12 for a very short time. then i tried ubuntu and then i wasnt using linux at all. Ive been using fedora 19 and 20 for 2-3 months now and just 2 days ago i switched from gnome 3 to cinammon and its working a lot better. So far workflow is way better than on windows so id recommend fedora for that. I dont have much experience with other distros but im enjoying fedora.

When I get the time :)

I've used Fedora in the past and it is supported just fine. Hell, I gamed on it and in some cases got higher FPS than on Ubuntu derivatives which Steam is supposedly 'optimized' for.

Fedora is great for development and networking but it is a bleeding edge ditro. It is great for experimentation  but as a result its not as stable as others. I use it at work because I need it for the Xilinx HLS tools that only officially supports Red Hat and Suse. Prefer Fedora over Suse because of better Gnome 3 integration which I  prefer to use at work. But the instabilities of some packages can be really frustrating. I am thinkig of moving to CentOS that should run the tools as good. Either native CentOS or debian stable host with CentOS VM.

Cinnamon is great for people like myself who prefer the workflow of Gnome 3, but the aesthetics of Gnome 2. I highly recommend the configurable menu applet as you can make use of the Kicker menu which is like an all in one Gnome 2 menu.