Opinions on Audio-Technica ATH-M50


I was looking to buy some headphones for around £100. I was going to go with something like the Siberia Elite but from what I've gathered the Audio Technica are better quality but don't have all of the 'Gaming features.'

I plan to by an entry level Amp-Dac in the future (also for about £100). I game, watch films and music so a bit of everything.

Anyone have any opinions on the headset?

I have a pair and think that they are great, best headphones I've used. I would recommend them especially since you are doing a broad use for them as opposed to using them for one specific case. 

Shit. Buy Koss KSC75, money saved. Profit.

Wrt amp/dac, FiiO is great value for money.

I own the headphones, and i gotta say i'm enjoying them very much! Especially for the price. They're very balanced imo. My only suggestion is that you buy them from a trusted seller even if it's more expensive than others.

I would suggest Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80Ohm version. Much more comfortable, with similar sound characteristics with Beyers being better IMO, but less sealing. M-50s have shallow cups and clamp hard on your head. This is an advantage in noisy environments ie. DJ applications. You could put some FTP cable to make the padding less shallow but still, for prolonged sessions your ears and head would hurt.

I'd go with Beyers.

I encourage you to dig the information for yourself. This is very important when buying headphones and generally a rule of thumb. Take however everything you find on head-fi or headfonia with a pinch of salt. There is great evil just waiting for wandering soul uncertain of their needs. There is a great review of mentioned beyers on NwAvGuy's site (may he rest in peace).
And if someone says that CABLE SOUNDS it is a clear indication of that person having intent to rip you off.

I honestly like them and hate them. They fall off my head, don't seal very well and the ear pads are absolute shit. The sound quality, bass, and design are things I really love about them. If I want to make sure that my recording is absolutely perfect, I use the m50s, but if I want to go out and listen from my phone, I use the MDR xb500.

I have no clamping issues with he headphones and have gamed for HOURS on them at a time. 

All of this being said, I don't have much experience with other headphones of high quality (I own 6 apple earpods, 2 MDR xb 500, and the M50). I am sure that there are better things out there, but I haven't seen a reason to replace my m50s because they are adequate for me at the moment.