Opinions for a microphone

I have been using some Superlux headphones after watching the Tek video on cheap priced headphones. My issue is a microphone and the way I see it I have a few options during black Friday/cyber Monday deals.

I don't make videos or stream so I don't need some of these options, but for desk aesthetics they are more attractive and if I wanted to stream I would have a better setup.

Antlion Mod mic for 47$ shipped.
~Not much of a savings, but its a decent clip on mic that I don't always have to have in my face.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
~ From what I have seen mic quality is poor... But I also don't have a webcam so maybe this could be a temporary mic with great camera until I decide on something else? Could I use this webcams mic standalone for vent/TS/Skype etc?

Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS
~Expensive... Around 120$ but I prefer the compact design to the Yeti mic. If it is really the best, maybe its worth the investment?

Options would help.

Other options

  • Monitor mounted - Andrea 2S Superbeam Array $8
  • Desk stand - Blue Snowflake $40

Most talked about mics here

I personally use a Modmic and really like it. The quality vs price is really damn good as well and it's not really intrusive, allowing for easy removal with it being attack with a magnet.

Coincidentally I own all three of those :P (except I only the regular AT2020 USB, but it's the same quality).

The AT2020 sounds and looks the best. It's also the most expensive. Go figure.

The mic on the C920 is terrible (as with almost all webcam mics). It picks up every little bit of background noise there is and it's very tinny. However, if you need a webcam then I'd say go with the C920 and also get the Mod Mic. They'll add up to about the same as the AT2020.

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I decided to just get the modmic for now.