Opinion on Asus H81M-PLUS

Possible specs for gaming/video editing rig:

-i7 4770 (while using stock cpu fan)

-Kingston Hyper X 1600mhz 8gb Ram (2x4gb)

-This mobo

-GTX 660/Radeon7950 (haven't made up my mind yet due to prices)

-Kingston V300 120gb SSD

-WD Black 1tb

-Corsair cxm 600watt psu

-Corsair 300R case (two case fans) 

-Asus dvd drive (sata)

Will I have any issues using this motherboard and what is your opinion on it?



It's a fair enough choice. Matches the non-k CPU well and has some good features.


why have you not made up your mind between 660 and 7950? the 7950 shits all over the 660; 7950>760>660