Operation Flashpoint 2

Just heads up
Operation Flashpoint 2 is coming out Oct.6th.2009.
The prices are
PS3 - $59.99
360 - $59.99
PC - $39.99

Score one for PC :D!

now that is priced more like it

i probably will be buying it. might have to wait a couple months though as im going to buy a new amp in the next couple weeks

Most likely yeah! :D

It's priced to prevent piracy I presume... really good idea... If they priced it at $59 there would be a lot more piracy.

can't wait for this game.

I hope the multiplayer, and the co-op portion of the game is great! We should have a list of those who gets it so we can do some little skirmishes and co-op campaign!

Im really looking forward to it. I like the more tactical, realistic games.

Definitely buying.

There is a "Hardcore" mode that turns the HUD off, and any and all "in game" help off..  as if you were really in the situation, left to your own wits and devices.

I am so getting this game when it comes out.