Operating System?

Hey Tek, Marty here.

When I looked at my PC parts list, I didn't have an OS.

I looked at some of the games I both had and wanted, and not all of them support Linux (such as CS:GO, Civ 5, among others)

So, this has brought me to quite a spot.

Is it possible to have my Windows 8 laptop drive function as my boot drive, or is it a lost idea?

And, if this weird Hard Drive hopping system works, how does one copy the OS to a different drive?

Thanks for the help


What I would do is grab a Windows8 iso, deactivate your laptop install, then use the key on the bottom of the laptop. Then cross your fingers that the OEM hasnt locked the serial to the device. If they have then you have to either buy windows or wait for the steamOS etc.

Makes sense. Is it also possible to use my laptop hard drive as a boot drive if the serial is OEM locked?