Operating system help

since im building my own pc, i was wondering, can i install windows 7 on it or do i have to upgrade to crappy wins8? why or why not? if i can what version should i get and whats the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit? confused by that if anyone can help me out i would really appreciated. 

You can still buy windows 7 and you can also buy windows 8.  You want the 64bit version so you can use more then 8gb of ram.  The home premium version is what you want unless you are using more then 16gb or ram or require windows professional for some of your programs.

you mean more than about 3gb of ram. 
get your windows 7 facts straight  

I thought it was 4GB of RAM

its in between 3 and 4, so i said about 3

yeah, but they don't make 3.59gb sticks of ram, and I think that has more to do with the nature of 32bit than win7

just to confirm.... it's 4GB... anything 32bit can't recognize more than 4GB of ram

get W8 and custom it, is what i did, now looks like a W7 but with testosterone XD!!!

and how do you do that exactly? 

Windows 8 with startisback.

I still prefer windows 7.

That's pretty wrong; you can get 32 bit systems to recognize up to 64GB of memory.

yeah me too wins 8 blows