I am in Australia using (NON-NBN) DODO ADSL2+, I am trying to connect a Linksys X6200 modem/router as modem only to a Linksys WRT1900ACS wireless router. I have flashed LEDE 17 onto the WRT1900ACS and cannot for the life of me understand how to get the internet working on WRT1900ACS. I am trying to do it all wired and will be disabling the wireless functionality on both devices as I have an LGS326P to add at a later date. Any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated, I am struggling with the documentation, It is 12 years since my CCNA. The device I am using to connect to them is an intel based ubuntu 17.04 machine.

Do you need to use pppoe or are there VLANs involved (is there some weird triple play scheme there) how would you normally connect with any other device?

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Please excuse my naivety, the ADSL2+ connection is “RFC 2516 PPPoE”, usually I would just use the setup wizard. This is the first time I have attempted anything on this scale, All the tutorials “made it look so easy” so to speak.

I am attempting to use the X6200 as a modem only, because we cannot buy modems only here, and wanted to stay all Linksys. I want the WRT1900ACS to then have the firewall etc on it, and connected to the X6200 via the WAN port, then the switch connected to LAN 1. I have been lead to believe this is the best option, but to be honest I am not fit to judge such things. Any help or suggestions that you can offer would be greatly appreciated, Thank you very much.

Through the UI, you can set the protocol on the wan interface to pppoe which will unveil more settings in the ui for the pppoe daemon.

OpenWRT/LEDE uses all off the shelf standard Linux networking components underneath, if you can connect with your Ubuntu, no doubt you can configure LEDE to connect.

You can also try and look for more real-time help in #lede-dev on freenode or in #openwrt there.

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Thank you very much risk, I have been having trouble even finding any business’ in my area that are willing to touch it. I have bridged the modem and connected it to the router, and I am updating and installing packages now. I will give freenode a look. Thank you.

Not surprising, using OpenWRT/LEDE is kind of like giving the middle finger to most network admins out there saying “f-you for making me conform to your way of thinking, I’ll run my network my way and I have the tools to do it”

On the other hand, it makes it much easier to communicate with developers and “true” linux admins (not the plaque on the wall certificate chasing kind)… they’d be much more comfortable with some well known kernel and mostly non-alien userland tools.