OpenVPN routing issue

I’ve got a weird problem…

I have been using OpenVPN on pfSense with no issues for a while but I recently re-configured my network with a few more VLANs so now I have it set up as a border router that goes to a layer 3 switch that does most of the routing.

It basically looks like this:

[WAN (Public IP/VPN) →] → [ → Other VLANs]

The weird thing is that when I re-configured my OpenVPN settings to reflect this, I can no longer access anything via any desktop or laptop, but OpenVPN Connect on my iPhone works no problem. The phone (on cellular or other wifi) can access anything on my main network ( and can also access the router itself via

I’ve tried using client overrides with no success. I have also used many client apps (OpenVPN Connect, Tunnelblick) and operating systems (MacOS, Windows).

Just looking for something that lets me connect both my phone and PCs remotely so I can access my home network when I am on work trips.


Your issue might be to do with routes. The OpenVPN client needs routes for all subnets on your network (usually pushing a single for a super-net, like The routers on your network also need routes to the subnet used for your OpenVPN clients. (If your switch has a default route pointing at the pfsense router, this may not be an issue).

What routes do you get on your PC when running the OpenVPN client?

What does a traceroute (with eg. mtr) look like to something you can’t access?

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