OpenVPN on pfSense - InHome Streaming and Bonjour

Hello all,

I've got a pfSense router set up on an old Dell dual core system. I've got OpenVPN setup on it which has been mostly working great for me for several months, however there is one thing that has been bugging me ever since I originally set it up.

I cant seem to do Steam In Home Streaming nor access Bonjour services such as AppleTV remote, iTunes sharing or AirPlay.

I'm a bit of a noob but after doing some research, it appears this could be due to my use of TUN instead of TAP device mode to enable bridging of Layer 2 traffic. Is this correct?

I did try switching my setting from TUN to TAP but this left me unable to connect via my clients. Would this change require me to re-export my configuration to my clients? Am I even on the right track that these are the droids I am looking for?

The reason why is that In-Home steaming and Bonjour are local network bounded. That means that only on your local network (subnet) you can access this services. This is because of the use of broadcast that ony works on you local network (doesn't pass routers by default). But you can allow that traffic trough (like DHCP relaying) to your OpenVPN subnet.

Broadcast between networks pfsense:
IGMP Proxy: