OpenVPN and trying to share my file server

Alright, I started a new project. I did get OpenVPN up and running on my PFSense Box. I'm trying to get my mom onto my VPN so she can have access to my file server so she has a place to back her stuff up. I am trying to map a drive to a drive on her laptop from my LAN over the VPN. Anyone know how to do that?

I really need to know

As long as both networks aren't using conflicting  networks - such as both her laptop and your LAN natively running on the prevalent 192.168.1.x/24 (netmask - there shouldn't be much difficulty at all.

Either push your LAN's subnet as a route to clients in your VPN configuration, or just select to make all traffic route through the VPN and then you'll only have firewalls to worry about.

You might need to throw on a rule to allow any IPv4 or IPv6 traffic on both then LAN and OpenVPN interfaces under pfsense.

I find it easiest to just disable the machine's firewall when behind another firewall or you're routed through the VPN.  In Windows default setup, you'll want to classify the VPN connection as a "home" network rather than "public" which should have file sharing accessable.

Otherwise,  just make sure whatever ports you're using, be it for SMB, NFS, CODA, etc, are open on the machine's firewall and permissions are given for appropriate access.  With windows Shares, creating an additional account on the machine with the same username and password she's using to log into her computer will make things a lot easier.

However, I suspect it may be easier for her to just use automatic or semi-automated backup utilities that operate over (s)FTP or rsync or even SVN rather than to worry about connecting to a VPN to copy files.


Just now I was able to connect my laptop wirelessly to my cell phone's hotspot/teather (which was giving the laptop a 192.168.43.x address), log into one of my pfsense's OpenVPN configurations (a 10.200.201.x/24 tun connection) hosted on my terrestrial home internet connection, and connect to \` which is my storage server on my 192.168.1.x/24 LAN.

If you already have OpenVPN up and running successfully, I don't too many obstacles to this project.

If this question is just about mapping a drive, then it should be as simple as executing a "net use" which you should be able to google and figure out how to do.  It may be best to not make the map persistent and just create batch files to create and delete the mapping - either for when she needs it, or automatically by OpenVPN as part of the up/down scripts.

reading parts of should give you some insight on configuring up/down batch file scripts and setting up permission to execute them.