OpenSuse Installaion help

I'm doing an OpenSuse USB installation. I'm having an issue where I get "haveged: haveged starting up" and my system just hangs. I already completely wiped the USB and recreated the bootable image. Any thoughts or should I just use a DVD install?

We need to know a few things.

1: What software did you use to burn the ISO to the flash drive?

2: Just some basic system specs.

3: are you booing into the flash drive in UEFI mode or legacy mode?


  1. Used ImageUSB software -

  2. System Specs:
    i7-4770k @4.3GHZ
    Kingston Hyper-X Beast x16GB @ 2133MHZ
    EVGA GTX 780 FTW

  3. Booting flash drive in UEFI mode off of USB2 port since i had difficulty booting from USB3

I had a similar problem in the boot sequence but with the line that comes right after that.. I can't remember what it was but if I remember right it was solved by removing other USB devices except my boot image.

Also use the live version not instillation as it doesn't seems configured to work will with USB installs.

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Found out it was a compatibility issue. I had my drives plugged into the Asmedia Sata ports instead of the Intel....(facepalm). That explains a few other issues I've been experiencing in Windows. I was able to install OpenSUSE

I suggest using Universal USB Installer found here

I also suggest you extract the first ISO with 7zip and then use 1.iso as the iso to create the image out of... Its weird... (this is only if your using the official installation image... ) If you want you can make your own image in suse studio.. I made videos on it :D
SUSE studio tutorials