OpenSuse - good to know

Have to use an openSuse vm at work.
I've used many other distro's but never this one.

Any must-know or good-to-know differences with this distro?




Those are two huge things

Complete management control panel is Yast2... you can also access it from the terminal which is stupid awesome.. snapshots and btrfs (updated) default out of the box. One click adding online of any software via its heavily production focused.. and it really does provide so much convenience out of the box.. save ubuntu being only slightly better.. Dont know what a particular software piece requires.. install the pattern... Very good integration with openbuild service.. Its workstation/office space focuses.. similar to red hat's fedora.

Thought I know @wendell and @Ferman are super busy they might know more technical stuff underneath the distro

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In addition to what @CynicRF has to say about btrfs, the root directory is btrfs and the home directory is XFS.

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BTRFS is supposed to be really good on SSDs from what I hear.

Thanks. No experience with either of these so I know where to start my searches.

I personally wish we could use F2FS on SSD's that would be awesome hahah but we cant

If you want to use EXT4, you have to go in somewhere and change it. Can't remember where, derp.

well, that stuff is all handled by IT department.

All I get is a vm that I can remote to via NoMachine.

Oh I know, I run tumbleweed as my daily OS with EXT4 on all the partitions.

But I am assuming that this VM will already have a super vanilla install on it.

And my assumption was correct : D

no lolol, super IT custom version. All the tools and remote mounts I need. :D

Our IT department can get super zealous sometimes.
You have no idea the amount of crap I clean off my personal windows machine.

LOLOLOL. Opensuse has all of those baked right into the OS my friend.

Your IT department is lazy. XD

oh. well. In that case, sweet!

Seriously though, I had to get VERY clever to stop websense, bit9, etc from running on my pc and taking precious cycles from my i5.
before jumping into it, i would try that. it's what Korora is to Fedora, ie all the media and third party codecs and that added. also it's a live install whereas you have to install osuse before trying it.