openSUSE GNOME install hang/crash on UFI VGA to nouvoea handover

Hey Guys, After watching @wendell's video on linux I decieded I'd jump into the GNOME side of openSUSE and found that during installation, it would crash on the handover, whilst not using UEFI install I was recieving errors along the lines of "Unknown chipset", "DRM failed to create 0x8000000000, -22" and then it would toss me a number of exceptions..

I've had a look around and not found much of use that I can understand properly, but from what I have read it is in relation to my graphics card's chipset, GTX 970, and that other people are experianceing a similar error, but the fixes are not within my knowledge of linux and it's compatable drivers.

Anyone around here able to help?

Thanks in advance.


Remove the graphics card
install os
put graphics card in

Would that not throw the error when I boot with the graphics card reinstalled?

Honestly, if you're already having driver problems in the installation routine, you should probably try a different distro.
Even though I really don't know why there should be an issue with 970.

You could try tumbleweed with gnome. I couldn't get the 13.2 iso working either.

Best bet would be to disable booting to the GUI, once at the CLI terminal login, and install the nvidia driver...

Sounds like the open source driver doesn't have support compiled in for that version of opensuse.