OpenSUSE 13.1 - RadeonSI?

Okay so I figured out what the issue was with openSUSE, it was a overscan issue, so I decided to try it again with that, now I would like to ask this, on HD6870 is RadeonSI enabled in the 3.11 kernel? this is the kernel OpenSUSE 13.1 uses, although in 27 days a new edition is out :)

So do I have to activate RadeonSI or is it enabled by default for my card?



OpenSuSE 13.1 can be on any kernel you like up to 3.16.3

It's simple: RadeonSI is the KMS driver for everything AMD after RHD5k

It's merged into the 3.11 kernel, but later kernels had extra features and more performance, especially from kernel 3.14, the performance became very good.

It's the KMS driver, it is active by default.

Yeah but if you attempt to upgrade 13.1 it seems there is breakage, more so with the desktop oriented version of the kernel, I tried 3.16 earlier and it crashed the system completely.

But thanks for cleaning it up anyways :)