Openshift/OKD as proxmox lab replacement

Does anyone here have enough experience to say if single node OKD can replace experience you would get with proxmox ? This would include all fun stuff with KVM, GPU passthrough etc ?

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well not by itself. Yes, okay, yes. But I mean I think RHEL with cockpit, podman and the kvm cockpit plugin would do what you want.

openshift does have the tooling to even do windows vms but you may not need/want to take it to that level yet tho

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I see.

The reason I’m looking at OKD is because of the whole openshift virtualization/kubevirt side of things. I’ve been missing the “cloud” experience to configure all of my VMs as well as containers as a code using something like terraform so I was hoping OKD with virtualisation could be a way to go.

Now, I understand that there are some third party terraform providers for proxmox itself but I’m missing kube/podman/docker stuff from it as well.

I’m surprised there is no *onprem solution that would give that cloud experience and I think OKD seems to be the closest… at least in theory.

I guess what I’m searching for is …

Assuming I have separate solution for persistent data. I should be able to destroy all of the containers and VMs with single or multiple commands and re-create all of them from scratch. + Things like scaling ability would also be nice.

If I understand openshift correctly it should be able to provide that experience.
Also… These days I might only need to run 20 VMs comparing to lets say 500 containers.

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@wendell I’m looking forward to more OpenShift videos.
I just went down the route of Openshift SNO with assisted installer and I’m loving it so far.

One thing I’m missing tho is lack of btrfs support so I might change to OKD once they sort out their SNO and assisted installer.

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