Opening up an external 500gb HDD

I have a 500gb external HDD that I'd gotten a while before my gaming PC when my laptop simply didn't have any space left on it. So, not wanting 500gb's to go to waste, would inside it be a normal HDD that I could simply put into my current PC? The casing certainly looks big enough to house a full-size HDD.

EDIT: If the HDD in my external drive is just a regular HDD that I can put into my gaming PC then what is the process of doing this? The computer itself was built by a relative as at the time I didn't know how to build one, I do now, only I haven't done so because I've no need to.


Only one way to find out... I've personally never opened one up, but the reviews I have seen did feature standard SATA 3.5" HDD's. I'm pretty sure it's a safe bet, but I can't tell you with a 100% certainty.

I was considering opening it up first but if they were to put standard 3.5" drives in one external HDD then surely that would just become standard across the board, so I posted this, I'll open it up tomorrow probably when I have a spare moment.

i Opened an WD 1.5 black drive up once, went flawless.

Just open up the casing, then you see the HDD connected with the sata port to a ciruit board. Take it out. Put it in your rig, connect it and go.

Thanks Bald, I'll do that then it seems.