Opening Mail app on 10.11 and get hundreds of "Cannot send message" Error

Ok so as the title says if I open the built in Mail app on mac OSX 10.11.x An error will pop up one at a time quickly and cover the screen, if I let it run the mac will crash at some point.

Story time!
I replaced the HDD that came with this Mac, late 2013 model. with an SSD. After setting it all back up for the user when I went to add her email account back on the computer this is what happens.

This wouldn't be a huge issue if I could just Click the "Edit SMTP Server List" But I cannot as the Mail app is opening window after window I cannot click on the button, it wont let you. I also cannot go up to mail preferences as once again the program wont let me. Only thing I can do is force quit Mail to get it to stop.

Here is a picture of the problem.

Even if I remove the account re add it, restart all the "normal" fixes don't help. Even if I don't select mail to sync I get a different error seen below.

My Mac OSX experience is too limited to find an answer. I also cannot find anything on google about this. But I will admit I think that is due to having no idea how to word my search for this issue.

I hope somebody here knows wtf is going on. Because I sure don't.

What happens if you disconnect your Mac from the Internet and open Mail again? Does it still crash? If not try going to Mail -> Preferences, go to the account tab and disable the gmail account, enable internet, go back to the mail preferences and enable the account back.

Or you can try clicking on "Connection Doctor" (Window Menu) and see what is says. Or try to re-enter your credentials in Mail menu > Preferences > Accounts > find your Gmail account, click on your gmail account > "outgoing server" check what server is chosen by default then > "edit smtp server list" at bottom.

Also remember to shut down the computer on April 5th.

Ill go try the no internet, I had not thought of that.
however currently at least I cannot go to Mail -> Preferences without having an account I set up Preferences is grayed out, and once the account is made, I cannot click the top bar to even click Preferences.

She won't we have a power outage planned for the building so we don't want computers shutting off unsafely.

I will report back soon.

Oh and to use the Connection Doctor utility you have to be connected (DUH!) to the internet.