Opening Ceremony & Product Previews - Computex 2016 | Tek Syndicate

Logan, Wendell, & Qain talk about the upcomming ceremony.
Then take a quick walk around showing the various products feutured by this years Computex,
which will be seen in upcomming video´s.

Stay Tuned!

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Partnerships with new innovative companies for the IOT is something that I would really like to see; but I'm concerned about the emergence of startups. Startups have a perceived value that mitigates risk with R&D. There are probabilities of failure with every innovation. Where small companies are the ones to take that risk and then provide a proof of concept, the risk is minimized; and the investment is as close to a sure thing as practical. The tendency is for large companies to acquire such companies.

The plus side of partnerships for the economy as a whole is horizontal growth. This makes room for the more Smithian type of competition and even stability. It also tends to have a positive effect on the cost of living.

What concerns me about the notion of a near term future with numerous small companies creating products and growing, is the value perceived by extremely large companies that are already known for acquiring such companies for the sake of their own bottom line.

If there is a defeater to this startup trend, I'm not aware of it. Is anyone else?

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as long as the "internet of things" relies on the "cloud" it will be the failure of things .


Great coverage! love the mini Skylake stick PC, that is too cool! =)

Taipei is where we will launch our next Silicon Valley style startup company. We shall be victorious!

Opening Ceremy?

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Little buddy ? Nightrider or Gilligan's Island :)

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I appreciate that you guys are putting more lime light to the innovations more. That stackable PC really peak my interest.

Yeah i stay Tuned tomorrow. ☺

The problem we've had with iNTEL Comut-Stiks is powering them. Hanging off the back of a 60" 4K TV, they only output 1080p, but they need almost 2amp of continuous power to run smoothly. (they can cope with 1.5, but keep going into power saving, and if they hit 1.2 they just treat it as a power failure)

Now they come with a power source, but then you've got to run a USB cable from your TV down to a wall socket, and the lead isn't that long, and most that are have too high a resistance. It'd be logical to power it off the TV, but the USB ports on most presentation TVs (and we've been looking 45" - 68") just don't give enough amps. Worse yet, most of them switch into power saving themselves if an image is static for too long. We work in teaching environments, so it's common for teaching staff to leave the final slide on screen during the lesson for students to refer back to, and they just shut off. Due to European environmental law, they turn the power off on the USB ports when they do that too.

We have bricked so many Comput-Stiks right now. XD

Hanspree make a similar device, to the extent that all the drivers and a base image seem to work just fine (for unbricking your Comput-Stik which iNTEL won't provide an image for and making a boot USB they'll except isn't as trivial as giving an ISO to Rufus) which seems a little more tolerant, but my feeling is that these things need a mobile phone battery to store spare amps in down time to cover for amperage drops and source sleep states to become reliable enough. At least for our needs.

Also, don't think you're going to be using it as an HTPC either, because it just can't get enough juice, or cooling through it to play back video streams. I'm not sure if they overheat (don't feel more than "warm") or under volt, but they power off like you pulled the plug on them. This isn't an Amazon Fire stick, no matter how much it looks like one from outside. ;)

I have one of the Acer bricks, (because I think it has more air-flow space and certainly has a more solid power-pack arrangement for the same task, and it'd easily mount next to a display, if not behind one without being too ugly) but haven't found anywhere to get hold of the stacking modules yet. That's okay for streaming, but seems to balk at Googles DRMed streams. Not sure why, but that seems to be too much for it.

fixed! :D

Taipei is a friggin awesome city. If you have a chance to go I highly suggest it. Hoping to make it back there sometime.

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fuck yes.. watching now

Infinitton Smart Screen Keyboard. Want one now.

lol whoops. :D

Did you guys see any info on whether the external videocards plugging in through thunderbolt via usb 3.0 are low latency enough for VR / Vive?

Are any external gpu setups good enough for the Vive?

I heard from the steam forums that all the GTX m gpus don't do Vive well because they must first pass through the integrated graphics and this adds too much latency even though the gpu is strong enough.