OpenCL Rig

This my productivity build REV.2. I would like advice if possible. Also, I'm a heavy OpenCL user manly for Adobe and CAD.

Looks pretty good.  You might want to look into a Firepro, though, if you're not going to be gaming and doing only rendering/productivity work.

Also, change that 4770K to a 4790K.  Better heat transfer due to a better thermal interface material.

Does CAD make good use of that ram speed? I ask because nothing in Adobe's catalog benefits from having speeds over 1600/1866. If not I'd say drop it down to 1600/1866 and save yourself a bit of cash. Also that video card doesn't show up on Adobe's list of supported cards so you mileage might vary for a while until the next couple of patches (assuming you're on a CC subscription.)