Opencl problems

ok i’m a noob to all this linux driver stuff.

i have an older hd7950 and i’m trying to get davinchi resolve running on ubuntu.

i think i have the lastest mesa drivers installed. i used these all i did though was add the ppa and update, do have to install stuff from the ppa though, or does it do that with the upgrade command?

i’m pretty sure form my reading though is it needs the amd-pro drivers to get the opencl to work with davinchi resolve. is there a way to get the pro opencl drivers to work with the hd7950? maybe along side of the mesa drivers?

i was planing on getting a new gpu for this build, but seeing prices right now i must wait. i’m dual booting right now but would love to just stay in linux!

tldr: only volcanic islands and newer is supported by amdgpu/amdgpu-pro.

Your card is too old.

Although there is experimental support for sea islands I wouldn’t recommend it for a production system.