Open World Racing Games - Where are they?

I've just been wanting to dick around in an open world racing game for a little bit. I was going to go with Burnout Paradise - I use to own that quite a long time ago on my 360. But I don't own a 360 any more, nor do I own that game. I was trying to....hmmm...procure the PC version of the game through less than legitimate means, but it seems there just aren't any peers.

So, I decided to browse steam for a NEW open world racing game, there seems to be a lack. Am I missing something here? did I just not do my search terms correctly?

Do you guys have any recommendations?

The only other recent open world racing game that comes to mind is The Crew (uplay only so you won't find it on steam).
I think I have an origin/steam key for Burnout Paradise...

I don't think they have a big enough fan base to justify existing, gotta go for a space sim

Ah, yes, The Crewbisoft...I'm aware of it. I'm definitely not interested in that one, hahaha...

I'll take that key if you don't want it, hahahaha, but, understandably, I'm not interested in buying the game again (since I did own it on my 360) plus I just want to play it to pass some time, I don't know if it's something I want to get serious about.

Yeah, Elite Dangerous was on my list to - just....I don't know. I have hesitations about that one.

It's pretty much a literal simulator, also they have the expansion coming out soon

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Im sure one of the burnouts is basicly this

i dont realy think that there are much open world racing games tbh.
most racing games are according to track racing or rally racing.

i cant realy think of any open world racing game atm.

There is one I know of. Its called test drive unlimited 2. I bought it a while ago on steam but have only played it a little. Graphics aren't good and always seems to run like Shit not matter what for me

If you actually read the thread...

Thanks for the key! It's been quite some fun to play! It's a shame more games don't adopt the oldschool arcade-y racing in an open world...but I get it, it's mechanically simple and not very interesting as far as new games go.

You could just pick up Burnout for like around 1 dollar on G2A. It can't hurt.

Oh you already got the key, sorry.

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Rightfully so. Elite is not a very good game, due to lack of content, poor progression and poor overall design. Not it is a decent simulator, considering how many things it omits and how many arbitrary restrictions there are on flight model to make it good for combat.

The crew "aka unlimited drive" knock off.
Open world racing I guess.