Open world multiplayer games

Hi, I want to find an open world multiplayer game that is for low end computers. Becus my friends mostly have laptops. Also a android open world multiplayer game would be good.

Do you have any sugestions?

They dont like minecraft. Terraria is a good choice. Are there any non blocky games. I know that Gmod is good but im Vac baned for no resion so.

  • GTA
  • Saints Row
  • Far Cry
  • Borderlands
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Red Dead Redemption

Either play the original releases of these titles or lower graphics.

Well if you look you can play thoes games on the GT 610 ( i tested it on tish card ) at 23 fps at lowest settings. But they have eaven lower spec pcs. Mta San Andreas is a good game. I will sugest that to them :) 

Torchlight 1 and 2 ?

Just Cause 2 has multiplayer and can run on low end PCs (I dunno how stable it will be)

*cough* elder scrolls onine *cough*

That a high end game...

Most Free to play MMORPG can play on pretty much anything, I have no suggestions because I personally don't like them. Other then those, I can only really say Borderlands is probably the best open world FPS/RPG and the more people you're playing with the better the game gets (4 Player max I believe, I dont know about BL2, it may have 6 player Co-op) You don't have many options with low potential hardware with alot of open world games because they're generally a bit more demanding.