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for moving the canvas, does clicking the mouse wheel button move the canvas?


Of course the designer of the team messes up the white balance and makes the colours look worse than ever. xD

On the topic: YES! Krita is a great program and I'm not even into drawing. I also agree that Gimp is still a mess when it comes to the UI. I am constantly searching the web about some stupid thing that should work the easy way but it doesn't .... and that is so fucking frustrating. I'm pretty sure it can do all the things I would need it to but I simply can not use it. Like you said, it gets in the way.

Great little video overall.


Definitely like to see these overview videos of open source software. There are some cool ones out there that would be nice to play with. Mycroft is one that I have heard of as an alternative to Alexa, Google Now, Siri etc.


Excellent review, more like this please. The creative side of technology is always interesting. The one about logo design was awesome too.

Hope to see more in the near future.


Why are you on mac? I thought we were all under agreement to burn apple at the stake...


Hey, @kreestuh,

Here are a few interesting (read: actually functional) CrossPlat production/design software projects for potential future review:

  • Filmic Blender
  • Greasepencil
  • Synfig
  • Da Vinci Resolve
  • Natron
  • Mypaint
  • Inkscape

There are scads more, but these are probably the most functional, user-friendly, and production ready.


How-to Wacom

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I mention this in the vid, but I've had various issues with my tablet's sensitivity working on Windows 8 (which is what I'm running on my work machine currently). Normally not a big deal since I do most of my illustrations at my home office (running Windows 10), but we were filming at work, soooo... long story short, was quicker to set it up on the Mac machine. :stuck_out_tongue: Krita is great on most machines though.

Also the white balance: we aren't in the studio here, so less light control. Might have to work on it more or color grade it for next time. :slight_smile:


I've head good things about Inkscape but haven't had a chance to try it yet. I don't need to use Illustrator too terribly often, but it would be nice to have alternatives.


It's much more fully featured than the early-2000's interface and aesthetic lets on.

Most of what I recommended is for animation and video production though, so maybe let your editors cut their teeth on them?

At any rate I'm interested to hear what y'all think.

Also: you guys should gun for a interview with someone like David Revoy. He's a digital artist and illustrator that does excellent work with nothing but free, cross-platform tools:


Oh cool, I'm going to try his Krita things

I used krita to make my mom's mothers day card.


Good video, and good series idea.

I think text and vector tools were in the last kickstarter along with animation tools, so your right, I'd expect those to change quite a bit over the next year.

Krita is probably​ one of the best free software programs where crowd funding was done right and has been very successful. They've had multiple one's and all gone quite well.

Your canvas scrolling I'm pretty sure has a key+ scroll wheel combination I'd imagine.

Krita has an appimage download so if your running Debian for example you can easily get the latest version, the only downside is I don't think appimage does anything about updates.

Do you do any video format editing or 3d work? Blender gets used a lot for video editing and while the UI is apparently something to get used to I've heard good things about it's capabilities for video and it's a pretty good 3d program.


Oh and @tkoham is absolutely right, you should see or speak to how David revoy uses open tools (including krita) for his work. It's excellent. (The cover/loading art for krita is his)


I actually have been checking out Blender for editing recently. It's UI requires a lot of customization, but it's quite good I think. (Of course, I've only used Premiere a handful of times, so I might not be the best person to make the comparison)


You might have more luck with Natron then! It's Blender's node editor and compositing/3d engine under a very AE like interface, with OpenFX plugin support.

I use only Inkscape, Krita, Gimp, Blender,and Kdenlive... I'm cheap like nodoby's business.


Ah, nice seeing Krita is improving. I had forgotten about it and I think it was a very early build I tested a while back.
Holding down Space gives you the hand tool for moving the canvas around. I use that in Photoshop all the time.

Agree with being interested in seeing more of this type of video.


In many applications, Ctrl+Scrolling is how you zoom, so if regular scrolling is how you zoom, I'd guess Ctrl+Scrolling is how you scroll the canvas.

Blender is neat for a lot of things. This guy's videos are educational for video editing with Blender.

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