Open-source NVR & Viewer

Previously I was using a Hikvision NVR, but this was limited to outputting the video grid to either the VGA or HDMI outputs on the back of the unit. There was a special “Channel Zero” which could stream the video grid but it was very low resolution. I had a need to show this video grid at multiple locations around my house.

in order to solve this I created 2 projects, a viewer and a recorder.

The viewer project suits my needs by allowing the video grid to be displayed on a webbrowser. Tested on Chromium, Chrome & Firefox on linux, this viewer is currently running on Raspberry PI 4’s connected to 3 televisions ar required around the house.

Now that the viewer has replaced the Hikvision nvr, I needed to also actually record the video, and as such the recorder project was born.

Currently both projects are Hikvision oriented as that’s the hardware that I have, but I tried to write it in a way that allows other types/brands to be easily incorporated.

Also the recorder is pretty basic as far as video retention goes, its just doing continuous recording with a simple n-day retention scheme that suits my 4gb drive. I’m hoping to add more sophisticated retentions such as motion and/or linecross retentions.
In order to keep things simple, browsing recorded video is just done by accessing the file system, which works good enough for me.

Please take a look
I cant post a link to my github repo, but please search for opnvr on github

There are some projects with home assistant that can capture the video stream from the hikvision cameras. Check out DigiBlur’s channel. I have not messed with any of this yet.

Hi, yes I’ve seen Frigate and the likes… but I found trying to repro a 3x3 grid of video cameras on HA was a bit painful (or it used to be) so I coded up my own.

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I like your spirit.

I also wanted it to be a webbrowser based UI, as I’ve seen a few others running VLC in “mosiac” mode etc. With the browser I can just point any browser on my network to the server to look at my cams

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If you PM me the link. I can post it for you.

Cant figure out how to PM on this forum… but here is the link
https [://] github [dot] com [/] opnvr

Thanks a lot

link to the resource:

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