Open source CAD software?

Or general technical/engineering drawing software? No commercial use, just for college and a few personal projects. To be honest I don't have any real experience with these kinds of programs but drawing that kind of stuff by hand is absolutely impossible for me.
Open source would be ideal but "free as in beer" is also okay tbh. Windows or Linux support, and hopefully good beginners tutorials would be great. I only know of autoCAD and solid works, but none of them seem to have good free versions available as far as I can tell.

It's not opensource, but there is Google Sketchup. Doesn't have anywhere near the number of features of AutoCAD or SolidWorks, but it's good for simple modelling.


Not sure if this suffices but I used it to mock up a desk i was going to weld up.

I'm currently trying out Sketchup, but I'll be checking out freecad as well. The problem I currently have is that I'm terrible at 3D stuff because I don't have much experience with it. A layout/blueprint program would probably be better for what I'm doing.

Okay thanks! Sketchup seems to do the job for me, it's not a hard design and I can get the individual parts down to a 1/100th mm.

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I use OpenSCAD. The source is here. I don't know what you plan on using it for, but OpenSCAD has worked well for all my 3D printing needs. The cheatsheet is the easiest way to learn it IMO. If you need help, there is an irc channel (#openscad) on freenode for it.