Open Source Backup?

So I am looking to do a back up of Owncloud data folder to my NAS every 24 hours.

I am looking at using Bacula but does anyone else have a another alternative.

Requirements for the software:

  • Open source
  • Must run on Linux (Opensuse)
  • Have a stable package.

write script to copy data folder + cron job?

Yeah but I kinda like some compression but I could just tar it. There is Amanda but I don't know which is better.

If you don't mind a bit for work to get setup look at You can do daily backups that only consume seed backup space + changed files space of each additional backup.

If you've never tried rdiff-backup, do take a look,
it is an incremental backup which support time-travel by "checking out" increments from specific dates, while always making the latest version visible. It is purely command line and very easy to use.

If you want compression and file-integrity, host the backup directory on a zfs partition.

I personally prefer rdiff-backup to bacula, as it is simplistic and do not introduce any new concepts and have used it in production with great success for many machines.

You can use rdiff-backup both between local directories and via ssh.

Always used tar + cron jobs, as if it wasn't 2015,...
They are a lot of applications here and there's a section for backup software too ;).

I ended up going with Deja Dupe simple and easy. I may do backula once I migrate to FreeNAS for my storage server.