Open Source Accounting Software?

Anyone got a suggestion for Open Source account software?

I need to be able to print up invoices and keep track of expenses / payroll, and hopefully be able to export to tax software at some point.

Should I just stick with Quickbooks or is there a good Open Source alternative?

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I have been using GnuCash to help run my small business for several years and can definitely recommend it. Its available for multiple platforms, and there is plenty of help available (both online and in book form) if you need it.


In any repo theres GNUCash and HomeBank. I personally like HomeBank.


GNUCash (flatpak available)

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thanks folks! I’m going to try out GNU Cash.

Im no accounting person, Ive tried GNUcash but, probably not hard enough. I have this feeling that the accounting system they use is US centric… So… Its LibreOffice Calc for me, because i know enough MS Excel

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Start by checking your local laws and regulations. No matter how nice it is, an open source solution that is non-compliant should be a nonstarter.

Personally I use a free online-based invoicing tool (they add their logo and a single text line advertising free invoicing when you’re on their free plan.)

Expenses and payroll I do manually with a simple Excel spreadsheet. I’d like to move to actual tax software at some point, but free… is free. The hassle of doing stuff manually outweighs the costs of friendlier solutions with the limited amount of money I earn through my small business.

I’d move to the friendliest cloud-based solution I could find if I had more money to throw at accounting.

Find a workflow that works for you, in something that… is okay with the rules you have to obey.

Don’t worry about importing later. Normal yearly reports are plenty for looking back and comparing vs past years if you need to in the future. Easy workflow, and it not being a bother is what should be important.

I log in, I invoice, and it’s… super-simple and friendly. What else could I ask for?

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I appreciate all the advice.

I was looking for different options to just do my invoices for billing and keep track of expenses for tax purposes.
I am absolutely hiring a CPA once I get settled in my new location so I’ll make sure GNU cash is going to work with them and the state before I get too comfortable and if not, i’ll post here for anyone who comes across the thread in the future.

I think hiring a CPA is worth the money, especially if you have a reasonably high enough income with equally high enough expenses. It is annoying to be surprised by fines and penalties just because you did not file your taxes right, especially when you were trying to minimize your income taxes within the bounds of the law.

I gotta say though, for the average user seeing that Windows 7 is no longer supported on TurboTax, it’s a roundabout way for Windows 10 PC sales to increase.

Sneaky bastards.

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Unless said windows 7 box was never on the internet, and already had turbo tax on it lol. But then again, said turbo tax would no longer be compliant either. So catch 22 there.

This has nothing to do with the topic

I rolled odoo out as a trial for the company I work for. We didn’t end up using it ultimately, and it’s got way more that you’re asking for here… But it’s maybe something you’d be interested in.

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Odoo looks pretty damn amazing. This might be something I could use if my business expands substantially. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I just saw recently Firefly III. Its a server (self-hostable) accounting tool. I’ve used GNUcash and Homebank previously and Homebank looks nicer and is easier to use but is very tedious. Despite it, being so, I still picked it over GNUcash.

I’ve stopped doing personal accounting because it is quike frankly, depressing and making me sad, especially during the pandemic. Will resume it soon, and I’ll probably try with firefly III first because the GUI is so nice.