Open Headphones for music

Hello guys, I`m looking to replace my old Sennheiser HD449 to something new. I got Creative Sound Blaster Z soundcard and looking for open headphones. Mainly for music and games. Music style I listen the most is metalcore/punk.

Watched some Tek videos about headphones and decided to get ATH-AD700X, but maybe I`m missing some other good options. Also there is massdrop of HiFiMAN HE-350, maybe I should get those.

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About 200 euros.

I love my sennheiser HD598 for music and games. I have a pair of Grado SR225i and like them more for most of the music I listen to, but they are not nearly as comfortable and would not recommend them as an only pair of headphones.
Those are really the only open headphones around that price range that I have used though.

I have the ATH-AD700X, and they are some of the best headphones I've owned, sound output is great but because they are open they are just a little low on bass. The soundstage is absolutely amazing. They are also some of the most comfortable headphones you will wear, I've spent 8 and 9 hour sessions with them on, only taking them off for food and bathroom breaks. I have encountered one problem that is most likely specific to my purchase, the jack just stopped working after 6 months or so. But if you know anything about soldering you can just put a new jack on for like $2 like I did. Also we have similar music tastes (I stick more to the punk side) they sound great for what you are looking for.

THIS, these are the BEST headphones I have used for under $200 US. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Thanks for help guys. Going to order ATH-AD700X on Monday. Also how legit are headphones from ebay? I can get ATH-AD900X for same price or even less with shipping.

Skip towards near the end, buying used heaphones is discussed. I share the same opinion. Minus the seller scamming you, I have no problem doing it. They go into more detail though.

I got the AKG K612Pro's for under 200# and they are some of the best headphones i've ever had the pleasure of listening to, including the old ATH-AD700's I once owned. They are totally non comparable to these sets, I highly suggest you look into these if you are still in the market and sorry for such a late suggestion.

Yeah I watched this video long time ago. Those headphones from Ebay are new.