I am not sure if this belongs here or not but here are a list of working ftps:

haha  i read that yesterday, raced home and patched up that router.

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hitting alot of Italian ip's

I know this is silly and shouldn't be happening



nsa  is asus backwards and the u flipped upside down and the last s erased. duh duh duh!!!!!!!!!!!!

while it is suspicious that at the moment quite allot of routers seem to come out as having serious security holes, it's probably just a case of corporations being too cheap to fix issues. And now it's just catching up with them.

haha finally found some porn lol

jesus, found a cache of a dude's taxes and bank statements :\ poor dude gona get his identity stolen.

Yup, looks like the exploit is working for some users. Shocking but Asus has to take the blame.

Holy fuck, did I just saw that?

I think I found a federal agent?

dat cutie

It's actually a reaction image. And that's Posh Spice. And it wasn't taken from any affected IP addresses. Hence, the image hosting URL.

Oh hey, look at the large block of IP's that belong to my ISP...that's cute.

rigggghhhhttt, oh the good old days

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