Open Box Purchases

I was on NewEgg recently and I came across something called Open Box Purchases for certain parts all but graphics cards. I was wondering if Open Box Purchases is something that I can trust when it comes to ordering parts from New Egg. What do you think?

Open box items are 99% of the time something a customer has returned. These items are tested for functionality before being placed up for sale, additionally when you return an item to Newegg they require you to say why, so, unless if they are returning it for something esoteric that's broken and lie about why they are returning it and Newegg somehow misses that little thing.... it's perfectly fine. I trust open box items.

Good thing. I actually called up New egg this morning and asked about the motherboard they had for sale that is actually an open box item and they said just the same thing. I'm just getting back to the forum after re-upgrading my pc back to Windows 10. I was using Windows 7 ugh...such garbage today and hardly any good functionality when it came to streaming on Twitch and yea I have a Twitch account now for those who are into streaming and gameplay walkthroughs. I don't commentate because I don't have the appropriate hardware to do so but Ill be working on getting my rig built so I can stream on something that can withstand the power. For those who are interested on updates on the PC build and wanna follow me on Twitch just look me up at JARVIS_CK.

I have heard so man horror stories about open box items being the wrong item, or being DOA multiple times, or returning it just to get the exact same item in the same condition back again. Open box are just them trying to limit their losses dont fall for it. There is a reason that not many retailers have open box sales.

Actually I've bought a few open box items from Newegg over the years, never had a issue, but be aware of the terms that they state about missing parts and returns on the open box items, also some of the open box items they sell are not returns but products that they un-box and review on their Youtube channel, at least that was what I was told.

In fact I just a few months ago bought a Acer 27" monitor that was a open box, to me it had never been out of the factory packaging but the factory seal on the box was broken.....all parts were there and not a single dead pixel, not sure why the seal was broken but like I said it had never been out of the box as far as I could tell.