Open box parts

I have seen this on newegg with the price slashed by 50 to 100 dollars is it worth it or juse stick to the normal parts and what do they mean by open box.

worth a try, i think the manufacture warranty still applies

Open box usually means 

1) the box has bee opened, possibly for as little as product shots up to it has been running in a demo unit. 

2) The seller usually gives a shorter period for replacement, although manufacturer warranty remains unchanged. 

3) it could be missing things, like cables, adapters, or driver CDs

4) since it may have been used some where it could have cosmetic damage, scratches and the sort but nothing that will effect the operation of the product. 

I've had good luck with Newegg open box stuff in the past.  I've bought 2, maybe 3 open box motherboards (including my current board) and have had no problems with them.  Only draw back was missing accessories, most of which I already had anyway.  So as long as you're cool with it missing some in the box stuff, they're completely fine in my experience.

What about a system builder like me that has none of these parts that could, be missing.

As far as motherboards go, we're talking disks, screws, cables and such, maybe the I/O shield here.  So if you have sata cables, stand-offs, and access to the internet to download drivers (which you should be doing anyway), you'll be fine.  For everything else, it's mostly just cables and driver discs.  If you don't have those things, you can either purchase/scrounge them from somewhere, or just buy a NIB product.  Your call.

What are you looking to buy  ... if I may ask?  We may be able to find a deal for you.

 Wasn't really looking at anything but if you could a good 280x for under 310 that woudl be nice.