Open-Air headphones and mic interception?

So, my shitty little Logitech headset broke and I decided to invest in a decent mic and pair of headphones. I looked around online a bit and found the "Gaming Headsets Suck: $150 Replacement Guide" to be the most helpful, And I eventually decided on the Audio-Technica ATH-AD500x headset and an AntLion ModMic.

My only concern is that the headphones were described as "incredibly open". I'm worried that the sound projected from the headset will be picked up by the ModMic and feed back through to the people I am talking to.

I don't listen to audio loud, and usually keep my system audio at about 50% with any in-game audio settings lowered a bit from max. Also, if i'm just in a call talking to buddies, I generally leave the mic open and put on some music.

I am not a big audiophile (I mostly just use earbuds when I don't need a mic), and having a clear mic that isn't going to throw my game sounds/music back at the people I am talking to is more important to me than the "large sound stage" given by the open design (although I would like to try them).


TL;DR: Will the ModMic pick up and throw back the game sounds/music that is projected from the Audio-Technica ATH-AD500x headsets open design? (around 50-70% system audio, if that helps)

Thanks in advance, any feedback helps!

You'll probably be fine.  Your voice should drown out any sound leaked out from the cans.  At best, they might hear some low level game sound when you are holding down the comm button while not speaking.  I wouldn't worry about it.  Hell, I sometimes use a mic with my speakers on.  It's not a huge deal.

I was just about to post this, I'm in the same situation and was wondering if an incredibly open pair of headphones bother the people I'm skyping with while playing a game. Good to know it should be fine

I use a modmic 4.0 and open sennheiser HD595 it never picks up headphone sounds. I use teamspeak and people would complain if it did. I use auto detect at a low db just above breathing db which is the worst possible situation for testing it so you should be fine.

Feedback isn't likely going to be a problem. If it is a bit of a problem, you can always adjust the sensitivity and activation decibel in the software that you are using.