Oops! ordered a 780...will a 8350 run it?

simple question! while building my 770 build i "Accidentally" ordered a 780 (gigabyte windforce edition)...my very tired mind hit order on the 780 page i was looking at and well...oops! 

so my question now is will the amd fx8350 i also ordered run it without bottleneck? or should i cancel that order and get a better cpu? because the 780 is already on its way...and i really don't wanna return it :)

update, I've canceled the order until you guys can help me :) just in case time gets the best of us. if needed i will just order it again. 


so thanks guys! a lot.

You'll be fine. No problem at all.

8350 WILL NOT bottleneck. Even if it does, it will be very slim. Unnoticeable. 

well... don't get the Gigabyte model if you're splurging for the 780... get the EVGA FTW, Asus Direct CUII, or Classified model... better overclocking, higher stock clocks, better cooling...

but the FX 8350 has ZERO problems with running it... not now not eva :P

They won't be any bottleneck at all, you should be fine.

The 8350 will handle a GTX 780 just fine.


Everyone has said it, but I have my 780 OCed and the 8350 is fine with it. Even at stock clock speeds.

I don't get why people think the 8350 is some anemic piece of silicon that can't run a bath... At least you have a 780. People ask if it will bottleneck like a 760...

the 8350 will be just fine.  I would recommend one of these two cards



He already ordered. Lol

he said he canceled it to see what he should do.

i didn't cancel the 780 order, and i rather like the gigabyte one, so i won't be changing that for any reason. i WILL reorder the 8350 tonight, i had my doubts because of the internet AMD haters out there. so yeah, time to order again! woo! 

thanks a ton guys! 

Which mobo did you have with your 8350?/curious 

asus sabertooth 990fx model, got it because of it's supposed tank like powers and rigidity. :)

I have this motherboard. That plus a Kraken X60 got my 8350 to 4.8Ghz. Np. 

It is incredibly stable. Love it. 

i went with a coller master hyper 212 evo, didn't wanna throw the money at the liquid cooled units, and i don't plan on doing any extreme overclocking wit the 8350

That's fine. The 212 Evo is a great cooler. Especially for the price. 

why are people always scared of bottle necks, linus proved that the difference between a 100$ cpu and a 200$ cpu in a game was negligible, even in games like BF3(was an old vid). if people followed your logic then what would people do if they bought a 1000$ GPU go out and get a 1000$ CPU 

i'm not quite understanding who said i should go blow $500 on a cpu in this thread...i posted this here because i trust the people in this community to give me (mostly) non-biased information. 

if you even so much as Google "amd 8350 gtx 780" all the intel fanboys on the internet are like "HA! yeah no" and after asking here and doing some deeper googling i found out that just isn't the case at all. 

just the fanboys....

ok the amd is maybe a bit weaker then the intel, but you wont notice much in gaming.

i have the 8320 with a 780 dcii and i can run bf4. 1080 ultra 4XAA @ 90+-10fps

yes, i have no doubt that the intel chips are better for productivity; things like video editing, photoshop, 3d animation, etc. but the amd chips can keep up well enough that most of the population doesn't need that extra 10% when it comes to those things. and for gaming? i don't think it matters at all.

i mostly asked this here because this is my first pc build and i was unsure if i should go with my gut feeling or not. looks like i should have :P