Oops grub go bye bye

I accidentally wiped the partition on another harddisk that I guess contained grub. how would I rebuild grub on the disk that I want to boot off of? I have 3 drives in my pc. the Linux mint install is on the ssd and for some unknown reason it put grub on one of the spinning disks that I was cleaning up for my transition into linux. Removing one of the partitions that contained what the computer needed to boot up.

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See here-


Wow, I didn’t expect all this! Thank you. I’ll be going in no time! just going to print this off and do it to it.

I also might be interested in which ever linux os is more stable for gaming using steam and Crossover. In the desktop I have a GTX 950 and Amd A10-7700k with 16gb memory. If a do over is needed, I didn’t make a lot of changes or anything before. Really I just installed it and was beginning to customize it and installed a couple of programs…

Note drive address of your os (sda/1 sdb/0 etc)
Note these
Now currently hdd is set to be seen as active partition which is where bios looks for boot loader
Boot linux cd/usb and change the active partition to ssd
Then open terminal and sudo apt-get grub
Note need grub to say something like




Mint recovery

Windows 10
Chainloader+(definitely required with windows)

Win recovery


Keeps going some 100 entries long

If windows then
Boot tab
Same process but windows hdd addressing
Chainloader+ still used though

Creation script for mounting img file
Mounting file
Calling img as if sda/#

But this alot more as ramdisks are helpful here and tidy up scripts are good practice but at this point your certaintly leaving the “mbr” mem space thus chainloader+ will be guaranteed required even by linux

You can even start vmachines this way

Linux mint or Ubuntu derivatives are easier for gaming. Easy way would be to either reinstall or do as the large post near the top says, luckily there are a lot of options now.

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For the best Linux distro for Steam, use Ubuntu(spins included). Mint is not bad per say for Steam; it is just that Ubuntu is the only officially supported distro by Valve.

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More supported means more stable! I think we have a winner folks! Thank you all for your advice and support!

This was what you asked for help with.

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Sometimes, in search of answers, some find a better answer to a better question.

Successful post I’d say! :ok_hand:

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Your answer was just as helpful, Probably will need that when I do get into setting up a virtual box for someone to try linux. I’ve become somewhat of an advocate already… I really enjoy the flexibility of the OS backing the community instead of the other way around. Some more than others, I understand personal tastes. Thank you very much for your expertise!

Grub only points to which files are used to start OS_X, be it windows, or linux etc.
You can reinstall grub and scan for installed os’es.
If you have destroyed your boot partition your in a whole different ballpark of problems.

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What? No! Imagine you ruined your dual-boot setup and all you want to do is boot your Linux partition. Finding some post online about someone having the same problem and “”“solving”"" it by installing a different distro for his gaming is not a “solution”.

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I wasn’t talking about other people, I’m only referring to the person that was asking.

If you really want a solution that covers everyone, provide one.

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I’m not imagining anything but what to do for my situation… This solution was at the time a way to solve my problem… And as a bonus, it’s more stable??? That’s the route I’d like to take! WOW! If it doesn’t do it for you then move on to another solution. I mean you could try to downplay it first, since it’s not your cup of tea…But what good would that do? Cause unwanted conflict? Is that your goal? The more we work together, the better the outcome has to be…

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